Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020

Site: Fort Pierce Central High School

4101 S. 25th St.

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Conference Presenters and Schedule

8:30-9:20 Registration & Vendor Exhibit
9:20-9:30 Transition
9:30-10:45 Breakout Session 1
10:45-10:55 Transition
10:55-11:55 Keynote: Tony Chaidez, Lakeshore Learning
11:55-12:00 Transition
12:00-1:00 Lunch (prepared by the Cobra Café and paid for by our Sponsors),

Vendor Exhibit, Door Prizes Drawing

1:00-1:05 Transition
1:05-2:20 Breakout Session 2
2:20-2:30 Hand in evaluations (Cafeteria)

Pick up In-Service Certificate if needed 

Name Title Age Room # Time Description
Ellen Bradley      Holy Family Catholic Church Long Before the Crayon: Fine Motor Activities B-3 1-153 9:30-10:45 Explore enticing activities that improve fine motor development through sensory exploration!  You will make fantastic manipulatives for use with infants and toddlers.
Mary Huffstetter


Energy in Motion B-3 1-154 9:30-10:45 Infants and toddlers have a wonderful supply of energy. Explore activities that will allow them to use this energy to develop gross motor skills, build strength, and gain confidence in their abilities.
Karen Cartwright & Jennifer Mead


A Moving Child                      is a Learning Child 4-6 1-155 9:30-10:45 We will utilize Connell and McCarthy’s Kinetic Scale to facilitate learning through active play. We will explore the brain research behind moving and learning. You will receive “Motorvators” for your classroom!
Dr. Michael Hubler

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Social-Emotional Learning to Enhance Behaviors and Academics 4-6 1-156 9:30-10:45 Learn interactive strategies to develop the social-emotional skills young children need to be successful academically and behaviorally.
Didi Campbell &

Jenny Clancy


All Aboard The

Centers Train!

4-6 1-242 9:30-10:45 Hop on the train and stop at various stations for center ideas revolving around physical movement. All Aboard!
Deb Pizzimenti

We3 Unlimited

Yoga Techniques for the Early Childhood Classroom 4-6 1-243 9:30-10:45 Learn yoga techniques for yourselves and your students to aid in stress management and redirecting behavior.
Mabel Ramirez Discount School Supply Neuron Connections with Muscle Tapping 4-6 1-244 9:30-10:45 You will be introduced to muscle tapping to music to make neural connections and to cross the midline of the brain.
Tony Chaidez

Lakeshore Learning

Shaking, Rattling and Rolling! B-6 AUD 10:55-11:55 Participants will be drawn into a compilation of music and rhythm while being guided through fine and gross motor physical play. Math and science will be incorporated to promote learning during engaged movement sparking that feeling of lighthearted fun!
Lillian Hubler

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Sign Language to Enhance

Communication, Language

and Literacy

B-3 1-153 1:05-2:20 Learn how to use American Sign Language signs and phrases to promote and enhance early childhood functional communication through songs, games and stories.
Heather Birch

Treasure Coast Early Steps

Movers and Shakers           of the World B-3 1-154 1:05-2:20 We will learn new and engaging ways to use musical shakers to develop speech and language skills. Guaranteed to bring additional fun to your classroom!
Mandy Rowland SLPS Multi-Sensory Literacy Stations 4-6 1-155 1:05-2:20 Explore developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory activities that solidify learning for children! You will use rice, Play-Doh, and other manipulatives to bring learning to life!
Kimberly Roberts


Let’s Move with Mathematics 4-6 1-156 1:05-2:20 We will shake, rattle and roll while learning new ways to teach mathematics in your classrooms. Be prepared to move and groove with numbers!
Bridgette Tiegs


Shake It! Phonological Awareness through Movement 4-6 1-242 1:05-2:20 We will learn and practice new ways to develop phonological awareness through hands on interactive experiences and games.
Elizabeth Fisher


Multi-Sensory Learning 4-6 1-243 1:05-2:20 We will learn and practice engaging, multi-sensory instructional practices that combine listening, speaking, early literacy and tactile/kinesthetic activities!
Crystal Morris

Tykes & Teens

Trauma Informed Mindfulness 4-6 1-244 1:05-2:20 We will explore ways for teachers to meet the needs of children who have experienced trauma in their young lives.